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Monday, January 2, 2012

YouTube Videos

Below are a few of my YouTube videos prior to the creation of this blog, many of which make thorough source citations.

Family Court: The Source of the Corruption
The federal law Title IV-D of the Social Security Act was established in the late 1980's. Designed to encourage the collection of support payments for the public welfare, as well as reimburse the court for potential collection expenditures, it grants family court judges, the court system, and the state extra funds and wages for the federal government for each dollar the court extracts from a non-custodial parent in the form of child support.

Mostly impervious to the eyes of scholars and journalists, family courts are cloaked in secrecy: they are held without jury trials, little is recorded of the proceedings, and many issue orders against discussing the terms of the case in public - ostensibly to protect the privacy of the family. Recent journalism and research, however, as well as moral activism on the part of whistleblowers, has revealed that family courts have been increasingly, over the last two decades, operating outside the original intent of Title IV-D. The result is the corruption of the judiciary.

The Horrors of Divorce
The horrors of divorce for men: from the kidnapping of their children, to financial enslavement by a corrupt judiciary, to the suicidal despair of fathers denied access to their children by spiteful and vindictive spouses. Men of all ages should wake up to the fact that the modern marriage contract is not what it used to be, and that no group of citizens - with the exception of convicted felons - has fewer rights in society than fathers.

Children Belong with Mothers
In an attempt to deny men equal rights to parent their children (equal custody) post-divorce, a YouTube user has attempted to argue that giving women automatic sole custody is the correct path because it more closely follows nature. I make a video in response.


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