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Friday, September 14, 2012

A Voice for Men Radio discusses The War on Male Students

On Tuesday, 9/11/12, I was invited to the news & activism segment of A Voice for Men Radio to talk to James and Robert about the war on men and boys in education. The main issues discussed are educational attainment, misandry, and civil rights. We also discuss an interview recorded with Title IX Coordinator Michele Vieira concerning the sexual misconduct policy at A&M-Commerce, which ultimately led to an article being published at A Voice for Men. There was so much to talk about in the show that we went ~20 minutes over the time limit and we had several callers who each provided us with unique insights into the modern education system. Thanks to the hosts at AVFM radio! 

You can also view the show in three parts on YouTube:

 Part 1: Inequities in educational attainment and institutionalized misandry

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