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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Wrongly Accused in our Educational Institutions

In gathering data for a future video and blog entry for The War on Male Students, I have gone through the entirety of the largest site giving a voice to victims of wrongful accusations, The Community of the Wrongly Accused, as well as its parent blog, The False Rape Society. Given that my focus is gender equity in education, I have compiled a list of wrongful claims of sexual misconduct by or against students, faculty, or administrators that have been covered by these sites. This list exclusively focuses on posts that include reports on specific incidences of wrongful accusations, and for the sake of space strives to avoid listing multiple posts that address the same incident. While arranged in no particular order, this list is intended as a condensed resource for those interested in researching and addressing the problem of wrongful accusations in education (myself included). I will periodically update this list, and likely add stories from other sites as well. I’d also like to thank the authors at COTWA for providing such an incredible public service, and recommend the site to anyone interested in justice for men and boys. I also highly recommend professor KC Johnson's blog Durham-in-Wonderland, where he extensively covers the infamous 2006 Duke lacrosse false rape case.

This list was last updated on October 2nd, 2012, and does not include any entries at COTWA after that date. Let me know if I missed one! :D

Professor KC Johnson's blog:


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  1. All you need to have your life totally destroyed as a Male is an accusation.

    And there are no consequences for making false accusations.