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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The War on Male Students at A&M-Commerce

*Updated Jan. 28, 2013*

This page has been constructed by an alumnus and former instructor at A&M-Commerce. It is a table of contents page for the work done to address and raise awareness of the lack of protections and due process rights of male students accused of sexual assault at TAMU-C, as well as any other inequities facing male students that are neglected by the A&M-Commerce administration.

In behalf of the male students at A&M-Commerce, I ask that anyone who is willing to please review the material and, if your heart leads you, to help raise awareness of the issues by posting the flyers provided, linking the articles and recordings provided by these links with friends or elsewhere on the internet, or using your creativity to do whatever you can.

"Ceaseless industry, fearless investigation, and unfettered thought" is the motto of A&M-Commerce. To investigate, discuss, or raise awareness of corrupt power is a fulfillment of this mission.If anyone wishes to understand the basic dynamics of the situation, I strongly recommend this talk by Margaret Heffernan on academic and organizational dynamics that inhibit progress and positive change, sponsored by Ted Talks:

Hopefully more will be added to this page as time goes on. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Also, if the administration sends out any emails regarding this issue, please forward them to me, even anonymously if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Thank you,

- TCM 


Contents (click the titles to access the links):

The Issues:
Contains my recorded interviews with A&M-Commerce administrators concerning its unjust sexual misconduct policy, its failure to discipline those who falsely accuse male teachers and students of rape, and its history of taking down YouTube videos recorded by students featuring professors who harass students. Also contains many informative links and resources for those wrongly accused of sexual assault.

Raising Awareness Among the Student Community:
In the fall semester of 2012 I went to speak with A&M-Commerce students about its unjust sexual misconduct policy. This was turned into an article and a video that was published at A Voice for Men.

The East Texan Speaks up for the Wrongly Accused:
After interviewing me, The East Texan, A&M-Commerce's student newspaper, published an editorial regarding the university's sexual misconduct policy. See it at our new website here.


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