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Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanks to NCFM!

Thanks to the National Coalition for Men for raising awareness of The War on Male Students by posting links to the series at their national website, as well as the sites of several of their chapters. The president of NCFM, Harry Crouch, described the series on his website:

This must see, fair and balanced, pro-human, anti War on Men video series should be shown in all appropriate school classes and age groups. If you are reading this you have an opportunity to see it now. Make sure everyone you know watches the series too. Doing so will help reverse the anti-male attitudes and the War on Men in education and elsewhere.  The message of this series when distributed by viewers will help reduce false accusations of rape, as well as false allegations of other forms of violence, sexual and otherwise. This series shames many who work in post secondary schools who allow ideology to drown common sense and civility. Click on the picture to get started.

Thanks to NCFM!

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