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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Agents of Misandry Protest Freedom of Speech and Association - Warren Farrell, JohntheOther

Apparently my video on this matter has become more popular than I anticipated. Warren Farrell, perhaps the most gentle, conciliatory, and patient advocate for men and boys, was set to speak at the University of Toronto about the decline of men and boys in education and elsewhere. A group of Feminists, deluded into thinking it was part of some kind of backlash, showed up to protest. They carried signs which took out of context and distorted some of Farrell's work, which I discuss in-context in my video.

While I support their right to speak their minds (though I disagree with the content of their protest), they unfortunately went beyond merely expressing their own perspectives as protestors and began to actively suppress the freedom of speech and assembly of those who wished to hear Farrell speak. They formed a human barricade and actively prevented people who paid to attend from entering the event, called them "fucking scum" and "rape apologists" for merely wishing to hear him speak, and generally behaving in an aggressive, threatening, and obscene manner. In so doing, they revealed themselves to be the hateful totalitarians they truly are. Thanks to their inability to conceal their hatred, we recruited a great many to the movement for equality men and boys that day.

This is becoming an increasingly common thread in the Feminist backlash to the emergence of a voice for equality for men and boys: instead of making coherent and logical arguments, they seek to actively suppress the freedom of speech of advocates for equality for men and boys. It has also happened in Canada, where JohntheOther, posting flyers saying "you don't hate and fear women/gays/lesbians/blacks/jews, do you? No, because you are a decent human being" and ended by saying, "you don't hate and fear men, do you?" The Feminists claimed that it was "hate speech" and summarily tore down his flyers, which he posted on private property with permission from the owner. When JohntheOther objected to their tearing down his flyers and suppressing his freedom of speech, the Feminists defended their actions by claiming that their act of censorship is their own form of expression of free speech.

The video will explain these events in greater detail.

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